Our Services

Laboratory Services

Afrere's clinical laboratory services can quickly deliver the information you and your patient need for your most important health decisions.

About Laboratory Services

From early diagnosis to determine the best treatment, you and your patient can count on Afrere's laboratory services for fast, reliable and accurate results, and supporting the care that's right for their needs.

Our labs perform a variety of blood and urine tests; cell, blood and tissue analysis; and transfusion services. We understand that convenience is important, so our laboratory professionals give you the needed information so you can choose flexibility in collecting samples.

Our team of pathologists and other diagnostic professionals works quickly after your sample has been collected. You'll usually receive results within three days during a hospital stay, or within a week for more complex tests that require extra time to complete.

With timely, accurate results, our laboratory services are ready to support the best care for your patients.


Business Services

Strategic Partnership

As your strategic partner, we assist you in reaching your goals and objectives and ensure you stay on plan.  Our proprietary performance management system has assisted our clients in increasing their top line while lowering their expenses.

Customer Acquisition

Our business services model will assist you in employing the best of the best customer acquisition strategies customized to your organization. In order to increase the customers for your business, we use our 8 proven strategies.  We have increased the revenue of our clients significantly by using our strategies.


Our Customer loyalty program ensures that your customers continue purchasing from your business.   We will partner with you in offering the best combination of product, customer experience, services, price, and convenience.

Maximizing customer loyalty is an important point of focus for your business.  Generating strong customer loyalty, and the higher customer retention rates it implies is much more cost-effective than constantly relying on new acquisitions.  We will assist your business in taking a few steps to build loyalty and improve customer retention.  As your partner, we will be with you every step of the way.